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Partial to Pie Bakery founded in 2018 is located in Dayton, Ohio with a single retail location for both dine in and carry-out.   We strive to provide quality, fresh homemade pies, quiche and other baked goods for the community.


Partial to Pie Bakery is a progression from Family Traditions Baked Goods.  The bakery started as a simple cottage kitchen focusing on baking for festivals or events and handling special orders for individuals to get our name out there and to gain experience in the industry. After almost 10 years working on the business part time and with much love and support from family and close friends, Partial to Pie Bakery came to fruition as an LLC.

Keeping old family traditions while reimagining these traditions to create new delicious baked goods, creates a perfect recipe for Partial to Pie Bakery.  Using local ingredients to help promote local farmers and local suppliers when available is a responsibility the bakery has taken on.  Also catering to different dietary restrictions or needs to better serve all in the community is a priority.


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